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Introducing iNTELLIDRIVE



Powerful retrofitable, parallel hydraulic drive-train assist system provides a simple solution to reduce operating costs:

Significantly reduce brake wear

Reduce fuel consumption

Reduce engine NOx emissions

ROI in less than 3 years!

Maintenance Reduction

92% Pollution Reduction

Learn How To Start Cutting Fleet Costs



For heavy vehicles that operate in short, successive stop-and-start cycles, SES offers the hydrostatic regenerative braking system iNTELLIDRIVE for the recovery of braking energy. With the iNTELLIDRIVE system, pressurized hydraulic fluid provides braking torque, working to slow/stop the vehicle, similar to an engine retarder, thus saving wear on the service brakes. The kinetic energy created in stopping the vehicle moving vehicle is not eliminated during braking, but is captured and converted into reusable energy as it is stored in hydro-pneumatic piston accumulators. During acceleration, the captured energy is directed back into the driveline in the form of a boost, reducing the load on the combustion engine and reducing fuel consumption. 

Energy Storage

Storing Braking Energy

The hydraulic axial piston unit is coupled to the mechanical drive train by a gearbox. When braking, the axial piston unit converts kinetic energy to potential energy by pumping hydraulic fluid into the pressure accumulator; the pressure in the accumulator rises, slowing and stopping the vehicle.

Energy Release

Releasing Stored Energy

Upon acceleration, the pressurized hydraulic fluid drives the axial piston unit, which now works like a motor. Potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, giving the vehicle a boost. The axial piston unit remains coupled to the mechanical drive train until the pressure accumulator is discharged or the overall strategy for the maximum saving of fuel dictates otherwise. A complete discharge may not necessarily occur. The iNTELLIDRIVE manifold controls the filling and discharge cycle. Depending on the system, the pressure accumulator is safeguarded either mechanically or electronically against excessive pressure. The electronic iNTELLIDRIVE control unit regulates the iNTELLIDRIVE using a smart-controls strategy based on wheel speed, temperature, mission profile, geography, vehicle load, etc. In “standard” drive mode, the system is decoupled.



The regeneration of braking energy through SES’ hydraulic boost technology is a useful way to optimize the total efficiency of a mechanical drive train. The greatest optimization potential is realized in cyclical driving operation (frequent braking and acceleration). The cycles encountered in refuse collection applications are especially suitable.

For applications with high power conversion and only very low quantities of energy, hydraulic solutions are superior to other solutions because of the high power density.