Introducing iNTELLIDRIVE

An Advanced Parallel Hydraulic Hybrid Propulsion System

Stored Energy Solutions Inc. is a Climate-Smart Technology Company focused on Eliminating Vehicle Inefficiency and reducing operating costs.

SES Manufactures and Installs Hybrid Transmissions for Heavy Commercial Vehicles. Our Hybrids Save Operating Costs by Reducing Maintenance, Fuel Consumption and Increasing Productivity, While Protecting the Environment.

- Commercial Truck Fleet Operating Costs are Sky Rocketing -

- Global Pressures to Reduce Emissions -

- Competitive Advantage Required in Today’s High Supply Market -


Fuel Savings of 25% on average


Reduction of Carbon Emissions by up to 90%


Brake Wear Reduction of 60% on average!


Added Power Increases Productivity!

Get more done with less trucks!

“This new technology allows our drivers to service the same amount of customers in a shorter duration of time. This shorter service time creates efficiency for customers as it increases our ability to provide greener service solutions.”