SES Implements First Manual Transmission System in Mexico


SES installs first ever hybrid system on a manual transmission vehicle, overcoming many challenging obstacles.

Indianapolis, Indiana, October 21, 2016- A large company out of Mexico has taken delivery of the first Stored Energy Solutions(SES) hydraulic hybrid on a manual transmission box truck. Not only is it one of the first ventures for SES in Mexico; but also the first system SES has done outside of the refuse market, and the first hydraulic hybrid system to be successfully implemented with a manual transmission vehicle.


The box truck, a Kenworth with a PACCAR engine and an Eaton manual transmission, will be used on daily inner city routes to service a local business chain. The difficulties of this type of environment are very rough roads, with lots of heavy stop and go traffic, while also performing a grueling route with frequent merchandise drop offs. Further, one of the major problems that the large inner cities of Mexico have is the constant challenge of air pollution due to the heavy traffic and large, dense populations. The Mexican government does not have the strenuous regulations on emissions that the U.S. has; therefore the pollution of each vehicle is much larger than even the densest U.S. cities. Because of the pollution challenges in Mexico, the government has been looking into different solutions; but solutions such as the EPA suggests are costly and not easily retro-fitted. Companies in Mexico are looking for solutions not just for pollution but also for fuel and maintenance savings.  This is where the SES iNTELLIDRIVE comes into play.


Dihmosa teamed up with Stored Energy Solutions as the only Latin American distributor in late 2015. With this partnership, SES was able to build their first system on a manual transmission vehicle. The manual transmission presented a few challenges for SES, due, mainly, to a lack of information that is typically communicated through the vehicle’s electronic network when compared to that of an automatic transmission.  Examples of this include current gear and ratio, neutral or reverse safeties, and the addition of a clutch.  So, with the difficulties involved in creating a hydraulic hybrid system that can be easily retro-fitted to a manual transmission, the team at SES got to work trying to develop a user friendly system that not only saves on operating cost, but also helps the driver’s ergonomics. The team came up with a system that, not only incorporates built in safeties, but one that can help the driver in stop and go traffic from having to constantly use the clutch to creep forward creating excessive fatigue of the drivers left leg. The system was installed and went through rigorous testing by the customer’s engineering team to make sure it was safe and reliable for the company’s daily routes.


With the SES iNTELLIDRIVE system installed on these trucks, the end customer hopes to make an environmental difference that pushes other large businesses and the government to make a sizable investment in this technology in the future. SES expects to see great results from the manual transmission trucks because of the kinetic energy available to capture. The difference between manual and automatic is the automatic transmission tries to help slow the vehicle through a process called downshifting.  Downshifting effectively “steals” available kinetic energy that the iNTELLIDRIVE could capture.  This can also be done with a manual transmission, however, with the iNTELLIDRIVE system this is no longer needed for most in-route stops because of the availability of hydraulic braking power. Therefore, SES believes that this increase in kinetic energy that is available to capture will increase the overall effectiveness of the iNTELLIDRIVE system.

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About Dihmosa

 DIHMOSA is a mobile hydraulic distributor in Mexico. The company began its operations in January 2002 to become a strategic partner with Parker Hydraulics. The main purpose is to distribute the entire line of hydraulic products for the automotive sector throughout the Mexican Republic.


 DIHMOSA focuses on developing a network of distributors and OEMs, where, through training and service, coupled with high quality products they distribute; seek to become the foremost supplier in the marketplace.


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About Stored Energy Solutions


Stored Energy Solutions Inc. is a Climate-Smart Technology Company focused on Eliminating Vehicle Inefficiency and reducing operating costs.


SES Manufactures and Installs Hybrid Transmissions for Heavy Commercial Vehicles. Our Hybrids Save Operating Costs by Reducing Maintenance, Fuel Consumption and Increasing Productivity, While Protecting the Environment.


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About emissions in Mexico


“Although the air pollution in Mexico has vastly decreased in the last two decades, levels of harmful pollutants such as particulate matter and ozone are still above the World Health Organization’s recommended levels in many Mexican cities. One of the main culprits is the transportation sector: the country’s fleet of inefficient trucks and cars consume dirty diesel fuels and emit high levels of black carbon (the second most powerful contributor to climate change behind carbon dioxide) and particulate matter. These contaminants not only impact the environment and worsen climate change, they also have grave effects on people. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified black carbon, particulate matter and outdoor air pollution generally as carcinogens. In 2010, the World Health Organization said that 14,700 people in Mexico died from outdoor air pollution.”


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”Whereas U.S. cities have seen dramatic improvements in air quality over the last three decades, Mexico City has been considerably less successful. Levels of major air pollutants in Mexico City routinely exceed the maximum exposure limits established by the World Health Organization (WHO). For example, the WHO has warned that eight-hour average ozone levels exceeding 100 micrograms per cubic meter threaten human health, causing respiratory infections, chronic respiratory illness and aggravation of existing cardiovascular disease. Evidence from monitoring stations in Mexico City indicates that during the period 1986–2005, this guideline was exceeded 92 percent of the time. Extrapolations from U.S. studies suggest that these pollution levels lead to thousands of premature deaths a year in Mexico City.”


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Dihmosa/Difrenosa has become Stored Energy’s exclusive Latin America Distributor